About Jen!

Hi! My name is Jennifer Redstreake and I am a part time freelance graphic designer and licensed artist. This store is the culmination of lots of creative inspiration that is garnered from my every day life. I run this biz with my partner and fur kids (well, they try to help but end up getting fur all over instead! Even in the artwork sometimes!). Everything I love is showcased here. I design gifts that I, myself, would buy and have in my home. My friends and their pets are great supporters and endless streams of encouragement. I thank them for that!

Being also a stroke survivor, it is important for me to continue creating and using my right hand (the stroke caused numbness and centralized pain all down my right side). For me, it is good therapy and helps my morale if I design things people like. I love to share my story to other creatives and show them that having a stroke IS NOT THE END of your creative life. Instead, it empowers you to continue on and fight through the pain and grievances. Enough so, that you end up forgetting the pain entirely (at least until bedtime.)

Our studio is in Huntsville, Alabama. That is where all the magic happens. AFTER a few (or more) cups of coffee. :-)